{Tasty Tuesday} Healthified Pizza Rolls!

Hello there! Happy Tasty Tuesday!

Today I am coming at ya with a delicious twist on a not so healthy snack food! If you are like me and adore appetizers, I mean hello nachos….. I have a great idea for you!

This weekend I ate a ton of pizza. I mean we are talking Friday night and Saturday day and night! I was a pizza machine! That is what girl’s trips are for, right? Nope? Just me? Oh well!
I love pizza as much as the next gal, but sometimes I want the taste without all of the calories! Remember those pizza roll ups you ate as a kid? Just pop out of the freezer and bake, easy as pie! They were delicious but so not worth the calories! That is why I decided to whip up an alternative for less than 200 calories!! This is full of real food and is so much better for you than the frozen alternative without sacrificing fun or taste!

Serves one


2 Trader Joe’s low carb whole wheat tortillas

2 ounces shredded lite mozzarella cheese

Dash of red pepper flakes, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning

Optional add ins: Pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, onions, Canadian bacon(OMG)

photo 1


Cover tortilla with half of the shredded cheese and seasonings. Spray a skillet with nonstick spray and place your tortilla into the pan.

Cover with a lid to melt the cheese. Once all the cheese is melted remove from heat and roll up to stick the tortilla in the roll shape. Repeat on the other tortilla!photo 2 (33)

To eat, simply dip in your favorite pizza or marinara sauce!

photo 3 (22)

These make for a super easy weekday lunch or fun appetizer on a Friday night!


I hope you all enjoy this healthified version of a classic party favorite!

Weekly meal plan!

Hi friends! How was your weekend? I had such a great time celebrating the bride to be! I hope she had a fun weekend! She is such a good friend and she deserves it!


I meal planned yesterday in the drive home and I have a lot on hand so this week’s meal plan came together in no time!

B: banana roll up
L: pasta bowl
D: spaghetti

B: banana roll up
L: veggie burger
D: baked chicken

B: breakfast scramble
L: veggie burger
D: subway

B: breakfast scramble
L: pizza roll ups
D:risotto and chicken

B: oatmeal
L:pizza roll ups
D: girls night dinner

When I got home last night, I was able to spend some nice quality time with Mike. We prepped food, caught up, and made some Easter eggs! How fun are these!?



I felt like a kid again! :)

Have a happy Monday!!!

Happy Friday!

Hi guys!

I am just popping in quick today to say happy Friday and have a great weekend!!

Last night was so fun! It was my little brother’s 21st birthday… I feel so old!!!


We had such a glad celebrating his new transition into being an adult and have lots of fun memories from the night!

This weekend I am off to Atlantic City, New Jersey for my friend’s bachelorette weekend! It’s going to be a fun one for sure!!!

I’ll be back Monday and back to my regular schedule next week after all of this fun winds down! Hope you all have a fabulous day!!!!!

What I ate Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday! Time for the weekly edition of my WIAW action!! While I’ve been slowly getting back into my exercise routine I’ve been sure to track my calories and keep an eye on my macros to be sure I maintain my weight! I’ve been doing really well so far too!

Below are my meals from yesterday! While they may look carb heavy, they actually are not! I subbed Carba nada noodles in my lunch to add in more protein, I only had eggs and a banana in my breakfast scramble, and I added a lot of vegetables into my dinner!


Breakfast was my recent favorite breakfast scramble doused in melty peanut butter! This is so easy and so delicious!


Lunch came together in a flash thanks to leftover shredded chicken from my crockpot dinner Monday night! I added Carba nada noodles, marinara, and lite shredded mozzarella. This sure was good! Tasted like deconstructed chicken Parmesan!!


Finally, my last meal of the day was an oldie but goodie! Confetti macaroni with Annie’s Mac and cheese with lots of veggies added in! This one just makes me happy!

I’m super random.

Hey hey! How’s your day going?

Sparky wanted me to tell you all hello!


He was just a little sleepy this morning!

I had such a good day yesterday, how about you? It was busy and rainy but on days like that I like to count my blessings! It’s way more fun that way! I continued my good day into the evening. I had a really nice dinner catching up with my family over salsa chicken in the crockpot. (So easy! Just add salsa, chicken breasts, corn, beans, etc. into your crockpot on low and let it cook while you’re at work! When you come home dinner is ready and you can serve it with brown rice like we did!)

I forgot to take a picture because I was ravenous to eat but take my word for it…deeeeelish!

I was able to get in another great workout at lunch yesterday! 25 minutes on the bike followed by a lower body workout. I combined moves from barre as well as lots of squats, sumo squats, wall sits, and more!! I’m so glad I’m back in the game. Endorphins make you happy! Name that movie!

Last night after dinner I moved a ton of my “winter” clothes out of my closet so I could access more springy things! FINALLY! See ya sweater weather! It looks like spring is here to stay! I also did some serious reading….


Weekend recap!

This weekend was go go go! I’m ready for a weekend to sleep in and do nothing! :-)

Friday night started out with Mike and I going to see my cousin star as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz! It was so cute!






Foot update- 6 weeks post op.

I have made great strides in the last 6 weeks since my surgery (for those of you new here, I had a bone spur removed from the top of my foot). I am walking now in normal shoes! No more crutches or boot! Wahoo!

In terms of fitness, I am sad to say that I feel like I lost all of my fitness. I started doing upper boy work last week and this week made it a goal to do something every day!

Monday: Upper body strength training
Tuesday: Core and back strength training
Wednesday: Upper body strength training
Thursday: Core, back and legs strength training plus 15 minutes (!!) on the stationary bike
Friday: I plan on doing 15 minutes on the bike as well as upper body strength training

I am really enjoying the strength training that I have been working on lately. I have a lot to build back up to and this is always what I tend to ignore when I can do more cardio! Hello, how do you think I got 2 stress fractures in 2 feet last year! Thank goodness I have learned tough lessons and gotten better with moderation.

Plus I have seen strides with my strength training! I like seeing muscles. Since muscles weigh more than fat, they take up less space in the body. I am not really concerned with my weight currently. Yea, I would like to lose a few vanity pounds, but I think that strength training will make a lot of visible changes, especially when I can start to introduce more and more cardio.

I am taking it easy on the cardio front for the next few weeks. My surgeon has cleared me from more checkups which is nice, but he said to just go as tolerated and ease into low impact exercises. I am definitely doing just that! Heck, I don’t want to hurt anything now that I have gone under the knife! So far I have only tried biking and that is not painful at all so I will stick with it for the time being!!

Enough of me blabbing on about myself! Tell me something fun you are going to do this weekend!!!!